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Species we breed...

Designer Hybrids
(Potamotrygon sp)

Our designer hybrid stingrays are a result of crossbreeding carefully selected naturally occurring wild species with other wild or hybridized species. Breeders are selected for special characteristics with the goal of creating uniquely patterned and colored stingrays.

Black Diamond Leopoldi
(Potamotrygon leopoldi)

The Black Diamond Leopoldi stingray is considered by many to be the "king of stingrays". It has been the most popular and sought after stingray for over a decade. Its black and white color makes this stingray a  timeless classic. We selectively breed our Black Diamonds to have the best possible color and spotting.

Galaxy Itaituba (P14)
(Potamotrygon albimaculata)

Galaxy Itaituba stingray is characterized by a black base with many tiny white spots. Thus the name "Galaxy".

(Potamotrygon jabuti)

Pearl Stingray is a brown to golden brown based fish with thick black rings through out the body and a center spot inside the ring, known as the "Pearl".

(Potamotrygon boesemani)

Boesemani stingray is a brown based fish with pronounced big black rings through out the body. Coloration of the spot inside the rings can vary from brown, orange, cream, and white. In some cases can be three tones, forming a triple ringed spot.

Motoro / Marbled motoro
(Potamotrygon motoro)

Motoro stingray is the all time classic beginner stingray. Known for it's hardiness and easy to keep. Typically mostly brown body with a handful of spots. 
The Marbled Motoro stingray is similar with more spots and black markings on the body between the spots. This is the "marbling".

Albino Boesemani Stingray

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